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Webinar #1 : SOFTWARE Solution

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This webinar includes two live demos of AI software platforms that can demonstrate :

  • where a building is wasting up to 45% of its energy

  • measures to reduce both energy and carbon by 10-30%

  • a highly visible dashboard that measures carbon emissions

The focus is achieve 20-50% reduction in energy costs. No site visits required, with both software platforms set up for you.

This is a financially beneficial solutions as the savings achieved exceed the software cost.

Run time : 30 mins

INSTANT Webinars

Each webinar is pre-recorded so you can watch when it suits you.

Webinar #2 : GAS Solution

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This webinar explains a clever piece of technology that can be retrofitted to your existing commercial boiler that :

  • achieves 15-20% reduction in gas bills and carbon emissions 

  • eliminates maintenance costs, which saves money

  • extends the boiler life by 4-6 years

  • produces a payback of 12-18 months on investment

Immediate savings are achievable plus a heating system that works much more efficiently with hot radiators. 

The webinar demonstrates how the technology works, the money that can be saved and paybacks achieved.

Run time : 40 mins

Webinar #3 : ELECTRICITY Solution

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This webinar explains the financial and carbon reduction viability of solar PV to benefit the following people 

  • Building owners            - typically 3-4 year payback

  • Landlords and tenants  - discounted electricity costs and 5 year payback  

  • Investors                        - better investment than property

The webinar explains how export income of 17.5p/kWh can be achieved (instead of 5.5p/kWh) to enhance the financial returns.

This solution achieves energy security to avoid future electricity price increases.

Run time : 30 mins

Webinar #4 : Rewilding Explained

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This webinar explains what rewilding is, why it is important and where all the trees have gone that used to cover the UK.

Examples are provided of successful sites in the UK that have been rewilded and the positive impact on the land, nature, flowers and the animals that have all benefited.

This is an inspirational webinar that explains why we must all take action to help the land recover from the damage that we have caused.

Run time : 30 mins

Webinar #5 : Scope 3 Solution

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Scope 3 data collection is highly time consuming and costly as it involves collecting data every month from

  • Every employee for all their commuting

  • Every supplier for each of your buildings

This webinar includes a live demo of Scope 3 software (included scope 1 & 2) that provided an immediate answer.

Benefits of the software include 

  • Bulk uploading of data for multiple buildings

  • Suppliers upload their carbon emissions for each building monthly

  • Employees can register their commuting

The demo also included a highly visible dashboard that encourages behavioural change in each building leading to greater energy & carbon reductions.

Run time : 38 mins

WEBINAR : A.I. Software to Identify and Alleviate Fuel Poverty

UrbanTide is a UK SME presenting the uSmart data innovation platform. We can integrate any data from any source for actionable insights using machine learning and artificial intelligence. uSmart: ZERO is a specific solution to identify and alleviate fuel poverty

Key Speaker

WEBINAR: EV Chargepoint Rollout Optimisation - Maximising Social Inclusion and Financial Returns

The Mind Foundry Platform can provide an advanced, transparent and data-driven approach to optimising EV charging infrastructure ensuring the placement of charging stations are efficient, accessible and fair for citizens.

Key Speaker


Using A.I. for Low Cost District Heat Network Design

City Science is building a state of the art district heating feasibility assessment software package. It uses:

·       Automation to help speed up and reduce the cost of the feasibility design process

·       An computer AI approach which searches through thousands of design options to produce optimal designs tailored to the users requirements

·       Fast and interactive stakeholder feedback to help stakeholders assess options and requirements

·       Key stakeholder financial views to access likely stakeholder buy in

Key Speaker

Jo Muncaster


Expert Workshop : Solving Grid Capacity Issues

During the workshop we will explore topics such as electrical networks, distribution network operator (DNO) engagement, grid constraints, EV charging infrastructure and capacity requirements for heat pumps.

Key Speaker

Marc Wynn


Large Scale Behavioural Change

Our approved strategy has many practical activities that encourage our residents along the route of behaviour change, and I look forward to sharing that with you this forthcoming webinar. Cllr Donna Stimson


Just in case you are asked for the password, it is  d8E^YgA# 

Key Speaker


Cllr Donna Stimson

MAJOR EVENT : How Will Local Authorities Achieve Net ZERO? (a post COP26 event)

This event showcases four exemplar local authorities making significant carbon reduction progress, together with a discussion about three problems that need to be solved for authorities to achieve their net zero ambitions.

Replay of Previous Webinars and Workshop