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The Fastest Way To Reduce Heating Bills By 20%

Airgon is game changer for all businesses and home owners with a wet heating system. The Airgon unit is installed next to the boiler and works by extracting the air from the wet system, which stops air locks in the heating system. This leads to hotter radiators too.


As there is no air (and nitrogen) in the water, less gas (or electricity) is required resulting typically in 17% savings in energy bills. No further magnetite builds up too.


A summary of the benefits include :


  • Energy savings to 20% (17% is typical)

  • Airgon offer a guaranteed 10% energy saving or your money back

  • Hotter radiators

  • Boiler life extended by 5-7 years

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Greatly reduced unplanned maintenance 

  • Significant carbon reductions  

  • Life time warranty (and savings)

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Payback on investment is usually less than 12 months

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As the distribution partner, we can offer discounted volume pricing for organisations

promoting Airgon to their customers and employers offering Airgon to their staff.

"We are delighted to be a delivery partner for Airgon and can offer supply only contracts or fully fitted with our installation partners with discounts for volume.

We are excited to help in the fight against fuel poverty and fully support the Airgon Charitable Trust providing free Airgon's for those unable to pay for them.

With the domestic Airgon cost just £207.50 plus vat plus an installation cost from any plumber, it is a no brainer for every home and business.


Please drop me an email or give me a call and I can explain all the benefits it can provide."                      

Marc Wynn


Email :        Telephone : 07798 646 936

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