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As consultants we support local authorities by assisting them develop ‘road maps’ using ‘total place’ and the 'remunicipalisation of energy' to achieve net ZERO carbon.


Following a ZERO Carbon Event run in conjunction with Reading Borough Council, we were asked to set up a network where local authorities could work together and share ideas to achieve net ZERO carbon.


From this idea ZERO Carbon Places was born and we are delighted to act as facilitators for the group.


For the last six years Asset Utilities has been working exclusively for local authorities and we are proud of the reputation we have developed with 31 local authority clients.

We have licensed sophisticated software to measure the carbon baseline of non-domestic buildings and then assess 36 different 'measures' that can reduce energy and carbon, whilst improving the EPC rating.


We also provide renewable energy assessments, which includes assessing for grid constraints. This is one of our specialities having made over 32,000 grid applications and saved our clients over £33m in infrastructure costs.


Local authorities are the driving force to achieve the ZERO carbon agenda and I feel honoured to be able to support them on this important and exciting journey.

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Marc Wynn


Tel: 07798 646 936

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