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Our Philosphy 

We have a different approach to business. 

Money in all parts of life comes as a bi product of helping other people. If you put money, sales and profit first as the primary business focus, you will make considerably less than you had hoped.

This means any targets should be focused on the number of people or businesses helped, as opposed to units sold, income generated or profit made. 

It’s simply a mind shift and it works. Income and profits should be a non-primary focus.

My helping people, businesses and the environment, we become more successful as the bi product.

Using Airgon as an example, our immediate focus is to help homeowners, tenants and businesses as follows :




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Solving Problems 

Asset Utilities was originally formed to provide utility infrastructure into new developments for residential house buildings. We negotiated the 'asset values' (hence the company name) of the gas and electricity networks and by selling them to other licensed companies rather than the DNO's, we were able to reduce our clients costs by 30-50% per house


We were delighted to work for six of the top ten residential house builders.


During the last six years we have principally supported our 33 local authority clients decarbonise their corporate buildings using state of the art AI learning software.  


This sophisticated software also shows the improvements to the EPC rating, ASHP and solar PV modelling that supports the likes of Salix funding applications.


We are now delighted to be the UK distributors for Airgon, which is the most cost effective tool for reducing both the energy consumption and carbon emissions of both residential and commercial property. 

Our focus has always been to solve problems and we are pretty good at it. 


Marc Wynn

Tel: 07798 646 936

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