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As there is no one place to find all the solutions to decarbonise both businesses and buildings, we created the Decarbonisation Training Centre. 


The idea is to empower and connect those people who are looking for knowledge with those businesses and organisations who have that knowledge and are also able to provide financially viable and proven solutions.


So in other words, all the Knowledge : Solutions and Success Stories in one place.


As it can be quite daunting structuring a decarbonising journey, we help by providing you with a route map that is supported by potential partners who can demonstrate a successful track record delivering the solutions that you are looking. 

We feel the world would be a better place if more people took decarbonising action, so the membership is FREE to help as many businesses, local authorities and organisations as possible. 

Even though we are launching towards the end July 2024, you are more that welcome to join today with our

Our Webinars Deliver
Knowledge, Solutions And Success Stories 

Everything in life should be simple and easy. If it is hard, it is wrong.

We are therefore providing members with 20 minute pre-recoded training webinars four times a month on many different subjects that provide all the knowledge, solutions with potential delivery partners. 


Each webinar is : 


  • Solution based

  • 20 minutes to be punchy and to the point

  • Pre-recorded so you can watch whenever it suits you

We also provide success story webinars that are case studies on the implementation of different technologies and products to prove what is possible.


Members also benefit from : 

  • inspiring interviews with the UK's leading green champions who share their secrets

  • news on the latest products, technology and software

  • weekly newsletters containing valuable information

Membership Includes :


Webinar - Library

Four new webinars are released every month on top of the present library. Webinars are shown in different categories, so you are able to pick excatly what you are looking for. 


Each is 20 minutes, pre-recorded with a leading expert to help you accelerate your carbon journey.


Solution Centre

We create PDFs from each webinar that are Top Tips that you can use.


These have the benefit of increasing the learning process saving you time, money, and most importantly carbon. 


Knowledge is power as they say.


Route Map

It is important to know where to start and then the logical stages to follow.

We have therefore created a route map that becomes your decarbonising strategy. 

This is a simple to follow process with defined outputs.

Here Are Some Examples Of The Webinars
You Will Have Exclusive Access To 

Behavioural Change 

  • How To Motivate Employees To Make Changes 

  • 10 Top Tips To Save Energy And Carbon

Energy Saving Products

  • Top 3 Products For 4 Year Or Less Paybacks

  • De-Stratification Fans - save 25-50%

  • Heating Reductions - save up to 15%

  • Cooling Reductions - save up to 15%

Solar PV

  • How To Choose A Competent Installer

  • Explained - Financial Modelling And Payback

  • Battery Storage - Yes or No?

  • Benefits of Solar Car Park Canopies

  • Fully Funded Solar PV Solutions

  • How To Obtain The Highest Export Tariff

Grants And Funding

  • 75% Grants And Interest Only Loans - Scotland ONLY

  • Fully Funded Renewable Technologies 

Commercial EPC's

  • How To Choose The Right Assessor

Utility Bills

  • How To Find Out If You Are Being Over Billed by 20-30% (nothing to do with utility pricing)

  • How To Use An Energy Auction To Achieve A Lower Priced Energy Contract

Combined Heat And Plant (CHP)

  • Examples of how the technology works

  • Success stories of businesses installing CHP 

Electric Vehicle Charging 

  • How To Choose The Right Charger

  • How To Avoid Expensive Set Up Costs

ESGs - Environment Social and Governance

  • What Are They And Why Are They Important

  • How Are Companies Scored From Public Records

  • What Are The Implications Of A Bad ESG Scored

Air Source Heat Pumps

  • How To Choose A Competent Installer

  • How Do They Work?

  • Explained - Financial Modelling And Payback

  • Understanding The Survey and Design Process

Carbon Credits

  • What Are They And How To Buy Them

  • UK Or International Carbon Credits?

Energy Monitoring Software

  • Which Is The The Best Software

  • Which Software Identifies Energy Inefficiencies 

Advanced Fuels

  • Which are the latest fuels, how do they work and benefits to the customer 

Carbon Capture (CC)

  • How does CC work?

  • Examples of CC workig with financially viable models 

Green Champion Interviews

Being motivated and inspired is so important. So we will be providing interviews with the UK's leading Green Champions who will explain their journey and share the secrets to their success.

Purple City

You Also Have Exclusive Access To Fascinating Facts. 

Watch How The UK Were Solar Generation Leaders And Then Get Overtaken By The World.

Source : VGraphs

To join the DECARBONISATION Training Centre for FREE, please enter your details below. Thank you.

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