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Delivery of Energy Strategies

We run the G1 Group, which is a 61 strong group of local authorities and a major focus of the group is the delivery of energy strategies. 

Our focus is 'strategic interventions', because there are major issues (now and in the future) with the electricity grid that stop local authorities delivering their energy strategies.


We have completed work on the future demand of Electrification of Transport (EV chargers at park and rides and car parks, buses, council vehicles etc) that result in the total demand of a region increasing from 200MW to 720MW to 2030.


Residential and commercial developments increased the total required demand to 620MW.


This is simply unachievable when the grid is as already constrained in many areas.

Strategic interventions are required, otherwise the targets for electrification of transport policies, renewable energy, CO2 savings, new residential and commercial developments and creation of new jobs will be missed.

Strategic interventions include :


  • Grid Solutions - council funded solutions for building new infrastructure (33kV or even 132kV) to allow developments/projects to proceed

  • Smart Grid Solutions - council acts as the utility provided for major developments, operating energy under a council owned ESCO. Benefits include profits funding other projects, with planning, renewable energy and CO2 targets being met.

  • Building Solutions - financial modelling that demonstrates the viability of solar PV with batteries to achieve acceptable IRR, renewable energy and CO2 targets 

We have devised a Strategic Interventions programme to assist local authorities achieve their delivery targets.

Please see the next G1 Event for proactive solutions.

Business Partners at Work

                              Benefits to the Local Authority



                       Job          Mitigation of    CO2            Renewable  Housing

                       Creation  Job Losses     Reduction    Energy        Growth


Solutions            Yes            Yes               No                No              Yes


Smart Grid

Solutions            Yes            No                Yes               Yes             Yes



Solutions            Yes           Yes                Yes              Yes              No

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